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I just wanted to take the time to let you know how happy I am with how the new door installation went. The engineers that first removed the old door and the engineers that fit the new door were very professional in how they worked.
We have had issues with some contractors on site in the past but If they all turned up to site with the same work ethic as your engineers did I would be very happy.
Also I would just like to say that your after care team is also a pleasure to work with.

Kerry Foods

Engineering Projects Manager
Kerry Foods

The refrigeration plants aren’t the greatest fan of summer at the best of times... but this heat makes them work hard for their living.

There are a number of clear benefits we have experienced since installing the first 3 doors at our Wrexham site almost 10 years ago.  I have bullet pointed them below.

• Diminution of snow and ice surrounding the door entrances.
• Significantly lowered damage repair costs vis-à-vis standard  
   insulated blade doors.
• Lower general maintenance costs.
• Energy payback.
• No mist / cold air fog on loading bays & reduction of energy 
  consumption due to the air conditioning units on the loading bay
  not running for so long a duration.

I am sure there are more if I put my mind to it but I think this gives you a number of significant reasons for us to continue in our use of your doors.
Norish 2018

Group Engineer

I would like to say a few words about Union Industries.

18 months ago we contacted Union Industries with regards purchasing a new high speed door.  Although we did find cheaper alternatives we went with Union Industries because from the word go they gave you confidence, not only in their products but with the way they conducted themselves.
From the initial phone call all the way through the planning, quoting and installation procedure every step was smooth and faultless, every person you speak to seems to care about the service and your requirements.

We were unfortunate enough to have a problem with the door (human error) Union Industries were able to react and rectify the issues in a very quick time, they even serviced the door while they were here.

All in all, our experience with Union Industries has been nothing other than a pleasure, we would highly recommend them to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a high-speed door, people, products and after care all top notch.
New Argos Logo

Facilities Technician
Argos Distribution

Thank you for contacting me recently to see if we have any further requirements.

In 2004 we pondered for some time over the purchase of a Bulldoor from Union Industries because they were probably one of the highest priced doors on the market.  It was clear though that they were well designed and built and the electronic control system was so robust that we eventually signed up and had our first door installed.
After 6 years of faultless operation we installed our second door.

Both doors are still working perfectly today, some 14 years on and this is after we had one of the doors moved to another site in 2016.

We are a busy manufacturing site that could not operate with unreliable entry/exit points so I am pleased to say that we have never suffered operational delays due to Bulldoor failure.
This is a real credit to your product and a relief for me.

So, do I need anything else currently?  I'm afraid not, I am quite happy with my existing Bulldoors and have no new enquiries for you.  I will of course be in touch if our needs change.


Operations Director



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