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I currently operate a total of 6 Matadoors on two separate sites.

They are very reliable, robust and certainly suitable for the task in hand. They typically operate an average of 3,000 cycles per day in temperatures of between 0 and 7 degrees c.

It is my experience that Union Industries deliver exactly what they say, when they say and as such it is a pleasure doing business with them.

2 Sisters Green Isle

Group Engineer
2 Sisters Food Group Naas, Green Isle

I would like to express my thanks to you and your team for super-efficient planning, preparation and installation of our recently installed Hi Speed Bulldoor.
I did undertake research into suppliers prior to the engagement of your company and I wasn’t disappointed, you delivered exactly what you committed to.
Your visit prior to the installation was informative and very professional, the installation team worked well with very good standards of craftsmanship.  Method Statements and Risk Assessments were concise and covered every aspect.  What I was also impressed with and must say I have not experienced from contractors in the past was the inclusion of SDS for all products used by the installation team.
We are controlled by ISO22000 so had to be extra careful when grinding the floors to prevent product contamination, again this went without any problems.
The door has been a dream so far no problems whatsoever, something I cannot say about doors previously installed by competitors.

The after service was excellent too, I would definitely have no hesitation in recommending you and your company to anyone interested in this type of product.
Once again thank you.


EHS Manager
Rexam Beverage Can UK Ltd

We recently had an Eiger Freezer Door installed to our main freezer at our site in Carrickfergus.

Although the Eiger Door is more expensive than alternative freezer doors it’s operational impact was evident in a short time.  Not only is it fast operating it has also helped in ensuring that the ice on the floor around the door is kept away the freezer chiller units are working more efficient to maintain the required temperature within the freezer.

The installation team carried out their work to a very high standard and adhered to site hygiene and safety rules proficiently – everyone including yourself was professional and extremely helpful.


Engineering Manager
Hilton Meats

We have recently installed an Eiger Freezer Door in a warehouse at our headquarters in Whitchurch, Shropshire.  Although the Eiger product may be more expensive than other door options on the market, the pay-back is immediately evident.  The door is fast, efficient and low maintenance.  The speed of the door prevents migration of warm or cold air and we’ve had no issues with icing-up.  We are very impressed with the installation.


Joint Managing Director
Grocontinental Ltd



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