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Just a message of thanks for the new doors you fitted last year, which were the Bulldoor & Picadoor High Speed Doors.

We have found them to be very reliable, being that we have an air-conditioned Warehouse, so the temperatures are controlled, and we no longer have wind tunnels.

Also the Picadoors on our Clean Air Rooms are most reliable, which is why we came to you.

Thanks again.


Electrical Technician

Union Industries have installed two Bulldoors on our site in the last three years. The doors are expensive especially when compared to others but it must be said they are of a much superior quality, which is the main reason they were chosen. Since the installation the shop floor personnel have commented on the noticeable difference during the colder months of how much warmer the building is, which is testimony to the heat retention qualities of the door. Both doors are covered on a lifetime warranty which gives us great peace of mind.

I would definitely recommend U.I. to anyone thinking of purchasing a high speed door.


Works Director
APS Metal Pressings Ltd

As a user of many different types of industrial doors across several RDC’s in the UK, having good reliable rapid rise freezer doors in our coldrooms is important to ourselves at LIDL, but having even better service support back-up by our door suppliers is by far more important to ensure a fast response time on any repairs required that could affect our chill chain.

Our RDC’s have various temperature & environmental zones which are required because of the different food products we have for our stores. And because we need regular access between these areas for our forklifts and op trucks, we need good reliable fast acting doors, especially when it comes to the freezers as we can’t afford for the temperatures to drop due to doors being open, out of action. Hence, why we started standardising on Union Industries high speed Eiger door for our freezer cold stores. A good reliable door that saves us money in the long term.

We used to pay for constant call-outs, repairs, parts and maintenance of different types of freezer door we used previously with constant ice build up. But since we’ve had Union Eigers Doors and their excellent Lifetime Warranty scheme, we have hardly any issues now and we never looked back!

Their Lifetime Warranty gives us a full after-sales support system as well as regular servicing on our Union doors. This means we don’t get the big repair bills and we get a great response time if we do need to get Union’s technician’s to site. It’s this level of service we need and from our experiences, we know Union will deliver.

Another advantage is that having the Lifetime Warranty on our doors makes maintenance budgeting very easy – one fixed annual fee for each door for the warranty, all the servicing and access to a very quick and efficient service.
With the Lifetime Warranty in place it means we win hands down over the longer term. Due to the success of Union’s Eiger doors on LIDL RDC’s and their warranty service plan we can maintain a reliable chill chain at all items that is critical to our business.


Head Office - Warehouse Construction

I would just like to pass on our thanks for the recent installation of our Bulldoor on our warehouse.

From the initial request, through to design, manufacture and finally installation, the whole process has been handled smoothly and professionally.

There are cheaper doors out there in the market however the level of service and quality of product  you provide more than make up for this.

This last installation was our fifth on our site and I have no doubt that it will not be your last.

Please pass on my thanks to particularly the installation team who worked with us to get the door working when others had made the installation a bit more challenging thank it had should have been initially.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.


Project Engineer
Rowse Honey



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