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I would like to take this opportunity to give a resounding 10 out of 10 to Union Industries in respect of the 7 Bulldoors and 1 Ramdoor we currently have on site.  The first door was installed 15 years ago and has proved (and is still proving) to be a sound investment, as have all the other doors we subsequently purchased.

Due to their fast action operation these doors help maintain a consistent working temperature within our Operational Departments, especially during the winter months.

Based on the performance of these doors and the fantastic customer service we receive, I would have no hesitation in using Union Industries for any future door installations on our site in Wetherby.


Maintenance Team Leader
Moores Furniture Group Ltd

Since we have installed the Matador high speed doors (Dec 1997) we have not had any issues or breakdowns with them. They are very reliable doors.


Engineering Stores Manager
Piramal Healthcare UK Ltd

Further to my speaking with your colleague Mike Jones regarding our Union Industries High Speed Doors, Mike asked if I would consider saying a few words on what service the Union Industries Doors have given to Robert McBride Barrow-In-Furness.

The first door installed was June 1996 and subsequent seven doors up until 2002, so for over 19 years they have been providing our business with ingress and egress protection throughout the site to a high standard.

We have been impressed with this service even though the doors come with a higher price tag than most doors - they provide value for money longer term with their higher quality and lower maintenance cost.

I would have no hesitation in using Union Industries or recommending Union Industries to other companies.

Robert McBride

Building Maintenance
Robert McBride

Further to the supply and installation of Fast Acting Doors (3 x Bulldoors) at our site here in Jedburgh we can advise that the units continue to work reliably and effectively. This is undoubtedly due to the high standard of design and workmanship demonstrated on these products which provide the functionality and safety required for our operations.

The addition of the doors has brought benefits in improved transit conditions for our fork lift traffic and reduced heat loss from the main factory and warehouse (especially through winter) and in general contributes to an enhanced working environment.

We consider the fitting of these doors a very worthwhile investment.


Technical & Development Manager
The L.S. Starrett Company Ltd



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