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Asbestos Decontamination and CBRN Isolation & Containment

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Decontamination & Isolation Units; to contain all environmental concerns.

We have over 40 years' experience in the design and manufacture of Decontamination Units and Environmental Protection Enclosures - improving the Health and Safety of both users and the public; protecting the environment from the spread of toxic contaminants, hazardous dusts, fumes and particulates including Asbestos, Biological and Radioactive substances whilst maintaining the safety of personnel.

Our Enclosures & Environmental Protection systems come in various forms; In addition to our Isolation and Decontamination Units for Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear contaminants, our Industrial Curtains Division manufactures bespoke enclosures to contain toxic fumes and dust, for instance during painting and stripping of aircraft, particulate containment enclosures for chemical and nuclear decommisioning work.

Our units can be fitted with containment and filtration systems and are manufactured using a range of high quality materials including CARM (Chemical Agent Resistant Material) Fabrics and supplied into a wide range of sectors including Asbestos removal; the Nuclear, Aviation, and Chemical industries; Hospitals and the Armed Forces.

Three Stage Primary Decontamination Unit:

For over 30 years, the Unicube™ has been successfully used in chemical, nuclear and asbestos removal industries as a decontamination system for personnel and preventing harmful pollution of the environment via access routes from contaminated areas. 

With its modular design and construction, it is the most versatile and flexible system on the market. The highly portable, lightweight frame and high strength fabric tented structure makes it ideal for internal use. It is easily transported through corridors and down manholes and into tunnels and erected in confined internal areas including boiler rooms and submarine engine rooms.

Its robust manufacture and connectivity directly to the premises being decontaminated provides the optimum combination of protection against contamination of the outside environment and reassurance to the public as all protective workwear is never required to pass outside of the unit.

The three stage modular unit comprises of three compartments: Clean, Shower and Dirty; secure access points can be incortporated into the dirty chamber for the removal of contaminated equipment and clothing.

Their quality and longevity ensures that the Unicube is an invaluable investment as testified by our Customers -  Testimony.

IsoArk Isolation & Treatment Units:

The IsoArk is a portable, rapid deployment Isolation Chamber enclosure to contain the spread of infectious, contagious and biologically transmitted diseases and virus such as SARS, Ebola, Tuberculosis and Malaria - amongst others; and can be used to house and treat patients, or as a holding area for groups of people suspected of being infected to separate and protect others in the vicinity. This system meets and easily exceed todays standard for airborne infectious isolation, including the 2003 CDC guidelines for health care infection control. 

It uses negative pressure technology, HEPA filters and a UV radiation unit to neutralise bacteria. The Negative pressure allows quick & easy access for personnel and equipment into the IsoArk through an airlock of self-supporting construction, fitted with two sets of polymeric double opening doors.

Its modular design fits into a robust transportation container that can be rapidly moved at short notice to its place of greatest need and assembled in minutes providing immediate protection in and room, ward or area for the isolation of infected or contaminated people and matter.

Find out more about the IsoArk portable Isolation Unit here.