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Netting & Mesh

Netting & Mesh

Vehicle and Skip Nets to Pond Nets, Fly Screens to Pallet Racking Nets - we have all your Netting & Mesh needs covered!


One of our popular product lines is Netting & Mesh, quite simply because of the vast array of different uses for these types of products - the Gallery below shows just a taster of what our Netting & Mesh are used for. Our Fire Retardant Pallet Rack Netting and covers (a similar netting may also be used around mezzanine floors) to prevent items falling; Anti-Bird Nets and Fly Screens are all popular with, but not limited to, our High Speed Door Customers. Other popular items include Skip Nets and Anti-Litter Nets and Scaffold Nets.

Bird Netting

We supply Netting manufactured to fit the required space with a range of mesh size starting at 20mm (sparrows) and up to 100mm for Gulls. These nets can be easily fitted to buildings using eye bolts and tensioned wire rope to which the nets are attached as an economical method of preventing damage and reducing hygiene issues caused by birds.

Nets can be manufactured to your required dimensions or supplied as ready-made kits with all the hardware you require for installation.

Skip & Vehicle Nets

Having manufactured Tarpaulins and trailer covers for hauliers for many years, we also supply nets for skips to complement this side of thebusiness. We stock a wide range of sizes of skip nets in our trade counter. These range from large mesh to secure bulky items to fine mesh to prevent litter and other fine debris from flying out into traffic.

Pallet Racking Nets and Covers

Our Pallet Rack Netting is manufactured using interwoven, high tenacity Polypropylene and available in cord diameters up to 5mm. Finished with either braided edge and border control, or webbing welded onto our fine mesh, we manufacture to customer measurements for warehouse and store room racking.

Our range of mesh sizes, from just a few millimetres, helps ensure the safety of those below - should goods come loose from the pallet, our nets can prevent them falling from the racking.

If a solid sheet is required on the back of the racking to prevent dust blowing through, we can also manufacture for this requirement.

Fire retardanancy and the supply of cam buckle straps for securing in place are available as optional extras. 


This is just a glimpse of the netting we are able to supply.  We also supply Scaffold Mesh, Fence Nets (and Pins), Lifting Nets, Fence Screens, crown segregation nets and the many more products. We also supply a wide range of hardware and shock cord assemblies for securing the nets.

Contact us to discuss your requirements or to obtain a quotation for any of our Netting and Mesh, whether it's to improve the safety of your warehouse or to cover a small pond - we welcome all enquires.



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