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Employee-owned Union Industries enjoys record sales year and most profitable trading year ever

Employee-owned Union Industries enjoys record sales year and most profitable trading year ever

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Union Industries, the Leeds-based leading manufacturer of Rapid Roll Industrial Doors, has announced its second record sales year in a row, with an increased turnover and its most profitable trading year to date.

Union Industries results for the 2016/2017 financial year included a £7.4m turnover, an increase of around 27% from the previous year, with a profit of £1.1m. A proportion of the company’s profit is distributed as an Employee Ownership bonus and shared equally among full-time employees. This amounted to a tax-free sum of £3,600 for each employee, regardless of their position in the company.

The company has also invested £350,000 in new machinery to strengthen its leading position as a high-quality British manufacturer. It has also enhanced its service offering, increasing the number of blue-chip companies that the company works with. A particular highlight for the company was becoming a main supplier of doors for Lidl’s retail distribution centres across the country.

Since transitioning into an employee-owned company almost three years ago, Union has enjoyed increased demand in the company’s popular Lifetime Warranty scheme. Available on the majority of the high-speed Roller doors, the scheme, and the after-sales offering, has led to growth in the company’s service and installation departments. To support this progress, Union has hired 8 more staff over the course of the year, bringing its total headcount to 75.

Last November, Union Industries secured the Innovation of the Year Award at the annual UK Employee Ownership Association Awards. The award was for developing its fast acting Eiger freezer door into an ‘intelligent’ door, by using a device to reduce energy and decrease running costs, which is highly important for Union’s ‘blue-chip’ customers. The innovative idea stemmed from Union’s ‘Eureka Bath’, which encourages staff to submit suggestions to improve the business and products.

Union’s doors are installed in distribution centres, warehouses, factories and storage facilities to improve logistics and help maintain environmental conditions for companies across the UK and Europe.

Andrew Lane, Managing Director of Union Industries said, “Union’s half-year results suggested that the company would be on track for a successful year and our final results have not disappointed. Our increased service offering has significantly contributed to our record year, but it’s also down to hard work and our team being proud of and believing in our employee-owned company.”

“Union is at the heart of British manufacturing and works closely with other like-minded companies to build our presence across key markets. We have been able to this by delivering the best possible service, constant innovation and a commitment to the highest quality. This is borne out by the growing number of repeat customers we engage with on a regular basis.”

Paul Schofield, former owner and current Chairman of Union Industries Employee Ownership Trust added, “Union Industries has established itself as a Great British manufacturer and the year-end results only strengthen its position at the forefront of the market.

“Making the decision to transition into an employee-owned business has added a unique element to the company. Everyone at Union is personally invested in its future and we have gone from strength to strength ever since.”

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