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Union Industries celebrates 260 years of long service at Employee Ownership party

Union Industries celebrates 260 years of long service at Employee Ownership party

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Union Industries is celebrating the major work anniversaries of colleagues at its Leeds-based headquarters.

Out of the 75 employees currently working at Union Industries, 10 have been with the company for more than 20 years. Having joined early on in their careers, 9 have been promoted and have personally developed within the business.

Union Industries celebrated the combined 260 years’ long service at its annual staff party, which marks the anniversary of its Employee-Ownership (EO) status. After 25 years with the company, employees are presented with a special award in recognition of their long service achievement.

Union Industries became an EO organisation in 2014. Under the ownership scheme every qualifying employee was awarded an equal share of the business. Although the company has always boasted a committed workforce, becoming EO has further empowered its team as well as offering the added financial incentive of an annual tax-free bonus.

Richard Balmforth, Master Craftsman, is Union Industries’ longest serving staff member, with 37 years’ service.

Father and son, Neil and Craig Flockton (Logistics and Foreman Finishing Shop) have been with the business for 42 years of combined service (23 years and 19 years respectively). Principal CAD Engineer, Craig Pace, and Fabric Welding Engineer, John Blockley, have both worked for Union Industries for 20 years, with Welder/Fabricator Team Leader, Phil Sutton, and Admin Supervisor, Jenny Slight, having both served 21 years. Tony Metcalfe, Operations Director, has worked with the company for 23 years. Production Co-ordinator, Shaun Hannan, has completed 28 years whilst Installations Manager, Graham Carse, has served 26 years.

Tony Metcalfe said: “Union Industries is a very special company and people honestly believe that it’s a privilege to work here. The business is keen to play a part in the progression and development of its employees and the fact that we are all owners of the company makes us personally invest in its future success.

“Most importantly, employees are valued at Union Industries. The EO bonus is shared equally, regardless of the person’s job title, and it creates a sense of appreciation and a family atmosphere. Since becoming an EO company each of its employees has enjoyed £10,000 tax free in bonuses.”

Shaun Hannan added: “I’ve worked at Union Industries for so long because I enjoy it. I feel that I’m a valued member of the team, the structure and success of the business is transparent and there’s a genuine sense of involvement from everyone. We all know what a unique company it is; I feel very fortunate that I am part of the team.”

Want to join our successful and growing EO business? As Union Industries continues to develop and grow, keep an eye on our Job Vacancies page on our website for any opportunities: /en/about-us/job-vacancies/