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Union DryBlade System

Another example of a solution we have successfully designed, tested & installed is a product we call ‘Union DryBlade’. On rare occasions, internal rapid roll doors can experience condensation forming on the fabric curtain (blade) when installed between areas of differential temperatures, namely between ambient & chilled environments. In most cases, the condensation is very minor and causes the customer no issues nor concerns however, a handful of customers have come back to Union to ask for help in stopping condensation forming in the first instance before it does become an issue.

Once again, our R&D team drew on their mechanical & electrical experiences & knowledge to come up with the DryBlade system. This is fitted vertically to the face of the non-drive side door column and utilises an integral fan to push ambient air through strategically placed outlets in the main manifold channel at relatively low velocity. This constantly moving air disturbs the boundary layer, thus stopping the formation of condensation on the surface of the door blade. The low velocity also ensures no noticeable noise impact of the system in the working area. The operational principal is the fan runs all the while the door is closed but stops operating upon activation of the door and throughout its operating cycle. DryBlade utilises inverter technology and draws power from the Union Industries high speed door controller, whilst the door is idle, negating the need for a separate dedicated power supply.