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Eiger Door

Eiger Door

Eiger Door is the first automatic High Speed freezer door invented to operate reliably & effectively at high speed, thus eliminating snow & ice on the door blade and around the freezer opening, and at the same time helping to reduce cold store energy costs.


Suitable for internal openings only from ambient/chill to freezer temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius, our Eiger Door has quickly become the favoured quick access traffic door for all the major food retailers, 3PL cold storage & distribution, and frozen food manufacturers in the UK since its launch back in 2002.


And due to its success in the UK over the years, Eiger Door has received much interest from overseas markets in more recent years, with a number of doors already installed in Europe - and increasing through our various 'partner' company networks.


In common with other high speed doors in the Union Industries range, Eiger Door also boasts our simple yet proven 'Crash-Out & Auto-Reset' feature to ensure the door continues to operate even after impact to the bottom beam by a Forklift Truck!


STOP PRESS: Our 'INTELLIGENT EIGER' Energy Saving System! This unique advance in our Eiger Door technology not only means you can save energy on your freezer by having an Eiger Door - it also means you can save energy (and money!) on the running of your Eiger Door!

Trials of 'INTELLIGENT EIGER' shows energy savings can be in excess of 50% of the initial energy use of an Eiger Door!

And the good news to all our existing customers out there with existing Eiger Doors in operation - 'INTELLIGENT EIGER' can be retro-fitted to your existing Eiger Doors* so not only will buyers of new Eiger Doors benefit from reduced running costs, our existing customers can benefit too!

* Only Eiger Doors with Eiger 1000 & Eiger2K dehumidifiers can be upgraded to Intelligent Eigers.

Maximum size: 4.0m wide x 6.0m high.


Typical opening speed: 1.6m/s (variable).


Key Features

  • A unique PATENTED double skinned door blade.
  • Integral dehumidification & ducting system that helps circulate dry, slightly warmed air around all the key components & working parts.
  • 'Crash-Out' and ‘Auto-Reset' damage protection feature to the bottom beam.
  • Double heated thro' beam photo-cells for safety protection from both the face & reverse sides of the opening.
  • Double copper contact safety edge, full width of the bottom beam, which retracts the door quickly upon contact with an object when closing.
  • Designed & made to order to suit the individual application.
  • Free entry into our LIFETIME WARRANTY scheme!


Optional extras

  • Various powder coat colour options to the steelwork.
  • Grade 304 Stainless Steel option available for high hygiene areas.
  • Freezer side mounted option available.
  • Company logos or special text can be sign written on the door blades.
  • Various safety optional extras available; traffic lights, flashing beacons, audible warning devices, etc.
  • Various activation methods available; induction loop, radar, pull switch, radio control, push button, etc.

Temperature Controlled Storage

Storage of temperature critical products, such as foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals, is enabled by the high speed doors designed, manufactured and installed into various environments including ambient, chilled and freezer within manufacturing and storage for onwards distribution to customers to meet their time and temperature sensitive demands. 

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Also the 2 guys who installed the door (Glenn & Tom) are ambassadors for Union Industries, can’t speak highly enough for both of them.

Warehouse Manager, BAKO North Western

We have been particularly impressed with the Union Eiger Door on our -25 degree C chambers.

Lead Project Manager, Tesco
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We considered several of your competitors and deliberated in detail before placing our order with Union Industries and found your openness, the option of visiting and speaking to other customers, the quality of the product and also the opportunity to visit the factory were pivotal in assisting our decision making process.

District Manager, SRCL
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