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Ramdoor - the rugged external High Speed door with 'Crash-Out' facility, high quality Windbar systems, counterweight assisted opening, and heavy duty Ramhide door blade.


Our Ramdoor is known as the 'Big Daddy' of High Speed doors, simply due to it's extremely robust construction, being made from heavy duty materials & components. Hence why it has achieved up to a Class 5 for wind resistance, meaning it is suitable for the most onerous of applications!



Ramdoor Super:
Fast action door for extra large openings, with upgraded top roll, double column configuration, bigger bottom beam and larger diameter Windbar system.
Maximum width (to date): 9.0m wide. Maximum height (to date): 8.0m high.


Typical opening speed: 1.0m/s (variable).

Key Features

  • Variable speed drive motor with frequency inverter for greater control.
  • Heavy duty 'Ramhide' door blade material, with anti-static additive.
  • Full width PVC vision panel or fully opaque door blades available as standard.
  • Multiple travelling Windbar configurations, specified to suit individual applications.
  • Can be mounted internally or on the external face of the building. Top Roll Hood Cover included as standard for externally mounted doors.
  • 'Crash-Out' system (manual reset) to reduce bottom beam damage & keep 'downtime' to a minimum.
  • Multiple control outputs for options such as Airlocks, traffic control systems and remote monitoring (BMS interface).
  • Safety Light Curtains integral in the side guides as standard (up to 2.5m high).
  • Double safety photo-cells as standard, giving protection from both the face & reverse sides of the opening.
  • Free entry into our LIFETIME WARRANTY scheme!


Optional extras

  • Various powder coat colour options to the steelwork.
  • Door blade available in Alert Yellow, Red or Blue as standard - other colours available on special request.
  • Company logos or special text can be sign written on the door blade.
  • Various safety optional extras available; traffic lights, flashing beacons, audible warning devices, etc.
  • Various activation methods available; induction loop, radar, pull switch, radio control, push button, etc.


Light to heavy manufacturing and harsh environments require different bespoke tailored solutions based on customer specific applications - Union Industries high-speed doors are used across many areas of manufacturing including, electronics, aerospace, shipping, engineering, gas & oil, construction products and steel to provide speedy ingress/egress whilst maintaining comfortable working environments for employees, protecting them from temperature fluctuation and inclement weather.

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Recycling & Waste Management

Union Industries high speed doors are used by many business within the Recycling & Waste Management sector where our doors are used to reduce noise, escaping odours and prevent the ingress of pests and vermin.

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We have been so pleased we are now beginning a program to replace the remaining seven fast acting doors on site, one of which is an even larger door at 7m x 7m, and for this Union Industries have specified the Ramdoor 'Super', which we are confident will easily stand up to the task.

Business Infrastructure Manager, Casepak
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