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Union Industries blows away competition with use of virtual reality configurator

Union Industries, the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke industrial doors, has utilised virtual reality (VR) to help Leeds-based Met Fab Solutions maintain comfortable working conditions with the installation of a Bulldoor.

Union Industries has successfully deployed its innovative new VR software to assist Met Fab Solutions, a leading UK manufacturer of aluminium panels and aluminium pressings, specify and configure the correct door suited to its needs.

This innovative tool allows Union to immerse prospective clients in a 3D showroom where they can experience their high-speed door offerings and interact with the products in a virtual environment. The software, comprising a VR headset and handheld units representing the customer’s hands, showcases the extensive features, specifications and benefits of Union Industries' products.

Met Fab’s powder coating facility contains an extraction unit which draws the temperature outside of the building to keep the area cool during hotter periods. However, when windy, the extraction unit causes a wind-chill resulting in employee discomfort, hence the company’s need for a fast acting and reliable door.

The Bulldoor not only ensures the integrity of Met Fab's facility but also significantly reduces the impact of adverse weather conditions. Operated conveniently via remote control, the door incorporates a 'Crash-Out & Auto-Reset' feature as a standard safety measure, minimising costs associated with door impacts.

Renowned for their reliability and efficiency, Union Industries’ doors, including the Bulldoor, have become the preferred choice for manufacturers dealing with heat loss and escalating energy prices. With a robust design requiring minimal maintenance, these doors can withstand constant high-volume operations, making them an ideal solution for industrial settings.

Rob Howe, Union Industries’ Technical Sales Engineer, said: “Once again, the Bulldoor is the first choice for those in the manufacturing industry who aim to address heat loss and wind chill through open doorways.”

“The Bulldoor is one of our best-selling doors and has been developed by our own R&D team over the years to become the reliable workhorse that it is today. Its robust design ensures minimal maintenance and can withstand constant high-volume operations.”

“We are also thrilled with the success of our new virtual reality configuration tool. This software enables us to immerse prospective customers into our world, providing a first-hand experience of the advanced features and capabilities of our rapid roll doors.”

Steve Cockerham, managing director at Met Fab Solutions, said: "The collaboration with Union Industries has proven invaluable in addressing our specific needs.

“In utilising the VR software, Union was able to demonstrate to us in detail how the Bulldoor was best placed to serve our specific needs and address the challenges we faced.

“The Bulldoor has not only enhanced the integrity of our facility but has also significantly improved working conditions for our employees."