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Health and Safety Guidelines for Pedestrians

Pedestrian Protection

Where pedestrian access is permitted or unavoidable

Stand-off sensing devices' 
A device to detect the presence of pedestrians approaching the door. The HSE recommends an electro-sensitive device such as a photocell, be mounted to posts positioned preferably no LESS than 0.9m. and no greater than 1m. away from the door line, to the front and to the rear of the door, with barriers between the door and the posts to prevent pedestrians entering the unprotected area other than through the photocell beam.

Post mounted 
For Pedestrian/Pallet Truck doorways

Bollard mounted
For Fork Lift/Vehicle doorways.

Safety Cloak
A very sensitive PIR heat sensing device which, when mounted above the opening, provides a ‘cloak' of protection to both sides of the door blade. It covers the unprotected area between the ‘Stand-off' Sensing Devices recommended by the HSE and the door, the very area where it has been found that pedestrians are most at risk. It is the ideal alternative for use where ‘Stand-off' Sensing Devices cannot be used, or as a secondary form of protection.

Pedestrian Warnings

Where pedestrian access is not permitted

Pedestrian Safety Warnings
Where High Speed Door use by pedestrians is not permitted and ‘Stand-Off' Sensing Devices therefore are not required, the doorway should be clearly marked - DANGER DOOR NOT FOR PEDESTRIAN USE

Union hand letter both sides of the door blades, big and bold in indelible contrasting PVC etching ink and letter size proportionate to the door size.